The Wood Whisperer

Marc Spagnuolo is the "Wood Whisperer", a veteran woodworking craftsman with over 450,000 subscribers whose followers watch his videos and visit his website for tips, tricks, techniques, and project ideas.  Watch as Marc explains his LED conversion in his new shop in Denver.

Denver Shop LED Lighting​

DIY Tyler

Tyler G has a following of over 129,000 subscribers.  Here he installs American Green Lights Shop Lights into his studio.  His other videos demonstrate his creativity and woodworking skills 

Shop Lighting Installation

Andrew Klein    

Andrew is an inventor, craftsman, and artist.  His works are beautiful and funtcional.  He has created many tool inventions and brought them to market, including an innovative Miter blade for creating boxes.  Here, he outfitted his new relocated shop in Denver with LED retrofit kit strips for their low profile and high output.

Retrofit Kit Strips Installation in his

basement shop

YouTube Videos Featuring American Green Lights

Matthias Wandel

Matthias is a creative Woodworker/Engineer/Creator who has unique ways to solve problems, repurpose materials to create various projects, and has a great mix of technical, humor, and fun in his videos and projects.  His 1.2 million subscribers get inspired weekly by his videos!   Below are links to some videos where he references our products!

Tripod mount for iPad. 

Retrofit kit strips installed at the end of the video. 

​​Comparing Color Spectrum of CFL vs LED