New Tenant Lighting Buildouts

Example Projects Completed:

  • Direct/Indirect Pendant Lighting  Retrofit
    --​Custom retrofit insert solution to align LEDs to louvers in downlight and maximize uplight output.
    --Reduced Electricity consumption by 65%
    --Allowed re-use of existing fixtures, significantly reducing TI costs.

Grand Lobby Retrofit

Example Projects Completed:

  • Stepped Ceiling Cove Lighting
    --​Several hundred feet of end-to-end daisy-chained LED Strips to replace T8 Fluorescent
    --Remote LED Drivers for easy maintenance
    --95 CRI LEDs for high color accuracy to accentuate the stunning, vivid architectural coloring
    --65% Electricity Savings operating 24/7

  • High Output PAR Lighting
    ​--Replaced 175W Metal Halide with 40 Watt LED PAR30 lamps
    --90+ CRI lamps for true color accents
    --77% electricity Savings operating 24/7

  • High Ceiling Up Lighting and​ Geodesic Ceiling Cove Lighting
    --Several Hundred Fluorescent T8 tubes replace with LED Retrofit Kit Strips
    --Each 32W tube replaced with 12W LED
    --95 CRI for high color accuracy and vibrant colors
    --65% electricity savings operating 24/7

Common Area Lighting

Example Projects Completed:

  • Elevators
    --replaced Halogen 50W with 7 Watt LED
    --86% electricity Savings operating 24/7

  • Elevators
    --Replaced T8 tubes in cove uplights with LED Strips
    --95 CRI for excellent color accuracy
    --65% electricity savings operating 24/7

  • Stairwells
    --Retrofit existing stairwell lights with LED retrofit strips
    --Replaced 32W T8 fluorescent with 12W LED
    --65% electricity savings operating 24/7

  • Parking Structure
    --replaced 150W (170W with ballast) Metal Halide with 80W Induction
    --Retrofit completed in 2010
    --Maintained uplight and sidelight with minimal glare
    --Increased foot candle intensity by 20%
    ​--Savings of 53% operating 24/7
    --almost no maintenance for 9 years.  Two ballasts replaced in 9 years

  • Utility Rooms, Pump Rooms, Mechanical Rooms
    --Retrofit existing fixtures with LED Strip kits
    --65% electricity savings and $0 maintenance costs in 9 years​

Case Study: 

Deloitte Tower

111 South Wacker St

Chicago, IL

Complete Building Retrofit Projects

The Deloitte Tower at 111 South Wacker in Chicago is one of the most beautiful buildings in Chicago, with its Grand Lobby with high ceilings stepped cove-lit ceilings and its gorgeous accents.  What a fantastic property for its prestigious high-end tenants!

American Green Lights has been working with the building owners and engineering staff to upgrade and modernize its facility lighting, with several dozen projects completed since 2010.  We've reduced electricity consumption by several million KWH and in most projects, produced electricity reduction by 65% to 75%.  In addition to the electricity savings, the long life products have eliminated more than 80% of the maintenance costs or replacing lamps and ballasts.

Existing Tenant Lighting Upgrades

Example Projects Completed:

  • Fluorescent Troffer Retrofit
    --​Hundreds of 2-lamp. 3-lamp and 4-lamp T8 fixtures retrofit with LED retrofit Kit strips
     --Improved from 80 CRI to 95 CRI for greater comfort and visibility
    --Eliminated flicker and improved light levels for employee health and well being