Thornwood High School Pool

Historical Architectural light fixtures

VersaFIT Custom Modules consist of Retrofit Kit Strips and custom mounting brackets to fit your existing fixtures

  • Design and engineering
  • Prototype and testing
  • Production and delivery

VersaFIT Custom LED Modules

​American Green Lights solves the issue of maintaining the original architectural look and feel of the high output HID fixtures while providing energy-efficient, electricity-saving LED inserts that fit directly into the existing fixture. Utilizing our long-proven Low Voltage LED strips and modules coupled with custom designed mounting brackets, VersaFIT module installation is easy as 1-2-3!.    

VersaFIT Retrofit Kit allows customers to maintain the existing “look” and design integrity of any unique fixture, especially high watt HID lamps, while achieving the financial, performance, and environmental benefits of LED lighting.  

Available in various dimensions and color temperatures, we can customize any solution to fit your specific lighting needs. For more information, Contact Us today or download the VersaFIT LED Retrofit Series Cut Sheet for product specifications.

See the case studies below for unique examples and impressive results of recently completed VersaFIT Projects.

Tyson Foods Production Facility

144W module replaces 480W Metal Halide in NSF certified fixture