Equip Solutions provides custom manufactured solutions for the storage, movement, management and control of fluids and chemicals for water treatment, manufacturing, mining, oil field, recreation, and hundreds of other types of fluid management and treatment needs.

Mike Radel worked with American Green Lights to retrofit his existing facilities with the goal of improving the light output of his manufacturing facility and to improve the working environment of his office staff, while reducing electricity usage for lighting.

“Hearing all the talk about LED lighting, I did some research and decided that LED was the way to go. The results far surpassed my most optimistic expectations. The light is visibly different- much brighter but more soothing. Our new lights are a big hit with my associates; they definitely have increased productivity. A payback in less than 1 ½ years, more / better light, reduced internal expenses, lower electric bills, a more environmentally safe option, money back from ComEd, even a federal tax deduction- why wouldn’t you switch?”

-Mike Radel, Owner of EquipSolutions

Manufacturing Facility

Before: 21,519 Watts

After: 6,780 Watts

14,730 Watts Saved! 

68% Savings!

Case Study: American Green Lights Equip Solutions #Americangreenlights

Case Study: 

Equip Solutions

Roselle, IL

  • Office and Manufacturing Facility
  • High Bay Lights and Retrofit Kits

Office Area

Before: 17,028 Watts

After: 4,214 Watts

12,814 Watts Saved! 

75% Savings!