Above: Note the greenish tint in photographs under fluorescent

​Below: LED lights provide better color accuracy

Above: Fluorescent Spikes of color leaves many gaps with no color emitted by the lamp

​Below: high CRI LED emits all colors of the visible spectrum for better color accuracy and visibility

Color Accuracy
•Typical Fluorescent lights have low Color Rendering Index of 50-70 unless specific high CRI lamps are ordered
•High CRI is accomplished by providing light wavelengths across all bands of the spectrum.
•Fluorescent has narrow spikes of color, with gaps of missing colors.
•PerformaLUX LEDs have full-spectrum wavelengths and improved color

Why Retrofit Fluorescent with LED?

Fluorescent Lights Flicker

–Magnetic Ballast flicker
–Degrading lamps flicker
–Poor materials flicker

As demonstrated in the photos

to the right, the flicker of fluorescent lamps cause banding that is captured in digital cameras.  High quality LEDs do not have the visible flicker.

Effects of Flicker

•Causes epileptic seizures
•Causes headache and eyestrain
•Reduces ability to visually search information
•Increased heartrate in agorophobic (high anxiety) people