China Factory Sourcing and Inspections

Having visited over 500 different factories in Taiwan and China, our team is capable of matching your product  and production needs with the right factory, whether in the USA or throughout Asia.  Our resources include suppliers along the entire production process from raw materials to complete product.  Our Asia Support team can assist with sourcing LED Lighting and Controls products, Solar Panels and Controls products, and other Green Energy Products!

Services and Capabilities

---Energy auditing and Lighting Design Consulting

---Lighting Simulations and Analysis

---Private Label and Custom Product Manufacturing

---China Factory Sourcing and Inspections

---International Infrastructure Projects

Energy Auditing 

American Green Lights energy experts can audit your facility to determine areas of potential energy savings, and provide product selections to achieve your optimal energy savings with targeted payback time frames.

Lighting Design Consulting

Our Lighting Designers can help you lay out the optimal mix of product and fixture locations to optimize your illumination needs, taking into account recommended illumination levels, uniformity, glare and other factors as recommended by the Illumination Engineering Society (IES).

Lighting Simulations and Analysis

Proper lighting design includes computer simulation utilizing actual measurement data from certified lighting fixtures, and creating a computerized virtual environment, placing objects and fixtures into the model, and simulating the illumination levels to be achieved by the lighting layout. This assures proper lighting levels, uniformity of lighting, and eliminates over-illumination or under-illumination of your subject facility.

Private Label and Custom Product Manufacturing

Our Engineers can prototype your concept in our San Diego Laboratories, and develop production designs, cost reduction strategies, and mass production strategies to bring your product to market.  Our R&D engineers can help you provide the perfect balance between product quality, cost control, and time to market to meet your goals and objectives.  Our experience with independent testing laboratories and product certifications can speed your product development cycle and assure compliance with local codes and standards.