American Green Lights was founded in 2008 on the mission of providing the best energy efficient street lights to municipalities across the USA.  Partnering with the National League of Cities, we provided education and awareness to hundreds of cities, and installed thousands of street lights in cities large and small.    In 2008, Induction Lighting was the product of choice.  LED was in its infancy. LED cost was high and efficacy was low.  LED Reliability was questionable, and the knowledge of manufacturers was poor in most cases.  We partnered with the largest Induction manufacturer in the world, and supplied thousands and thousands of world-class street lighting.

The Rise of LED

Since around 2010, LED advancements were occurring at a phenomenal rate.  Cost was coming down and performance was increasing.  Still, LED was behind induction in overall cost effectiveness, and performance. LED Lifetime was poor due to bad product design, sub-standard manufacturing processes, and lack of consistency for high powered LEDs.

Now, LED street lighting products provide high efficacy nearly double the 2010 levels and moderate pricing at about 1/4th of 2010 prices, making them viable for good payback and economically sound replacements.

The Street Lighting Experts

STREETWISE™ Common Features

  • NEMA Standard 7-pin power and communications socket for IOT and Smart-Cities-ready applications
  • Dimmable using 0-10V or DALI interface, depending on your needs
  • IES compliant photometric light distribution patterns to match your roadway needs
  • Powder-Coated UV-resistant baked-on finish for durability in harsh weather conditions
  • Duo-Shield™ two-stage surge protection provides 20KVA + 10 KVA protection against lightning strikes and power fluctuations.
  • Tempered Glass lens protection and UV-resistant optical lenses

  • Choice of 120-277V or 320-480V Input power 
  • Driver MTBF over 400,000 hours
  • Low THD, High Power Factor Drivers
  • Tool-less access to electrical compartment for easy installation, driver maintenance, and inspection.
  • Optional remote control and management systems with wireless communications protocols
  • Optional security cameras, WIFI Access points and other Smart-Cities devices

Streetwise™ Santa Cruz Series LED Lighting

by American Green Lights

The Santa Cruz family of street lights has built-in features to minimize installation time and provide easy access for maintenance.  Tool-free driver replacement, LED module replacement, and field exchangeable lenses make long term maintenance a breeze.  Built-in level indicators and versatile mounting system allows for mounting positions from 90 degrees with +/- 10 degrees and horizontal mount with +/- 10 degree adjustment.

  • Available in 25W, 50W, 100W, and 150W, versions  at 150 lumens per watt efficacy
  • ​Available with Type II-S, Type II-M, Type III-M, Type IV-S, and Type V-S photometric lenses

Streetwise™ Titan Series LED Lightingby American Green Lights

The Titan family of street lights incorporates a modular design which allows for a larger range of wattages up to 350 Watts per fixture.  The individual modules are IP66 rated and their cooling systems act independently of the other modules, allowing the addition of more modules as your needs require.

  • Available in 60W, 90W, 120W, 150W, 180W, 210W, 240W, 270W, 300W, 330W, and 350W versions
  • ​Available with Type II-S, Type II-M, Type III-M, Type IV-S, and Type V-S photometric lenses

Typical LED Street Light Circa 2009

Typical Induction Street Light Circa 2008-2018

Modern LED Street Light Circa 2019

Streetwise™ ORO Series LED Lightingby American Green Lights

The ORO family of street lights includes a superior ultra-thin profile for low wind resistance, aesthetically pleasant appearance, and optimal photometric performance

  • Available in 20W, 30W, 35W, 50W, 60W, 70W, 80W, 90W, 100W, 110W, 120W, 130W, 140W, and 150W versions
  • Available in Type II-M and Type III-M Photometrics

Streetwise™ LED Lightingby American Green Lights

American Green Lights presents the Streetwise™ family of street lights for municipalities, power companies, and departments of transportation.  All Streetwise™ LED Lights are fully compliant with utility DOT requirements for use in the USA and around the globe.  Outfitted with Smart-Cites control-ready systems, Duo-Shield™ two-level surge protection, and ies compliant optics, and 10-year limited warranty, Streetwise™ LED lighting is your choice for reliable, long lasting systems.