International Infrastructure Projects

American Green Lights,  along with our financing partners, provides local and national  governments with zero out-of-pocket infrastructure project programs for implementation of  large-scale, long term sustainability projects, such as system-wide LED lighting retrofits, to Solar Farms, to Waste-to-Energy (WtE) Power generation, to Smart-Cities "Internet of Things" (IOT) planning and deployment.

We partner with world-class manufacturers, top-tier engineering and construction partners, and Green-Fund and Infrastructure investors to form Public-Private-Partnerships (PPP) and special purpose vehicles (SPV) for rapid deployment and immediate savings.  We provide Lighting-as-a-Service (LaaS), Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT), and other implementation business models to provide economically viable projects.

National Lighting Retrofit Programs

--Street Lighting Retrofits

Street Lights consume as much as 30% of the electricity costs of municipal governments.  New LED technologies can reduce electricity usage by 50-90%  depending on the incumbent technology.

--Government Building and Public Area Lighting Retrofits

Lighting improves safety, security, and can create a positive environment for public events, retail and commercial districts.  Savings of 50-95% can be quickly achieved with the latest in lighting technologies and controls.

Solar Farms

--Clean, sustainable, efficient power generation

Solar power has become mainstream in its deployment.  With the cost of solar dropping to at a fraction of the cost of ten years ago, it is foolish not to deploy clean, reliable solar power to reduce carbon emissions.  Our partners provide power projects of up to several hundred Megawatts of power generation.

Waste-To-Energy Power Generation
--Turn municipal solid waste to electricity
--Eliminate overflowing landfill waste

​Landfills are overflowing with Solid Municipal Waste, which plagues almost every city in every nation.  Underdeveloped countries have huge sanitation and vermin problems and have difficulty finding sustainable methods of waste removal.  Our partners have clean technologies to turn municipal waste to clean electricity, and can even mine the waste for minerals, metals, and other raw materials at a fraction of the cost of mining the same elements from the ground.