American Green Lights

Your source for Energy Efficient Lighting

American Green Lights, LLC provides energy efficient lighting products to fit our clients' needs.  We source and supply world class products and assist our clients in selecting the right product for the challenge at hand.  

How We Are Different

We differentiate ourselves from the hundreds of other suppliers by:

  1. Understanding your needs. We spend a significant amount of time on fact-finding and understanding your challenges and goals to provide the best solution.  We understand your need for cost effectiveness and balance product selection with your financial needs to assure maximum return on your budget and timetable.  We provide technical expertise,  create simulations  and provide analysis when needed, to determine which products will perform to your required lighting levels.

  2. Being technology agnostic.  We match the best technology to the project, whether it be LED, Induction, Plasma, Ceramic Metal Halide, or other technology to assure your goals are met. We recognize that no one single technology can meet every need, and by being technology agnostic, we are not invested in pushing just one technology agenda.  We believe this provides better objectivity and results in optimum solutions.
  3. Understanding lighting technologies.  We know what makes a good product and a bad product.  We know the components and designs required to assure correct light distribution, as well as the methods to maximize performance and lifetime. We also know electrical code and rebate eligibility requirements  which helps provide fast payback.
  4. Staying nimble and adapting quickly.  Some products we design and manufacture. Some products we customize.  Some products we source and private label.  Some products we source and resell.  With personnel throughout the USA and Asia, we
    have relationships with the top factories,  manufacturers, and distributors in the world, and provide world class products that meet our clients' needs.  This allows us to keep up to date with the latest technologies and highest efficacy products.  
  5. Knowing our supply chain.  There are many good products and bad products in the market.  We know that even within a given technology, there are wide variations in quality, performance, and longevity.  In some cases, higher price does not necessarily mean higher quality.  In some cases, bigger names do not mean greater performance of value.  Slight variations in components or processes can greatly affect product quality.  We regularly visit our suppliers, audit their quality procedures, perform forensic analysis on product design and components, and study procurement documents and materials quality reports.
  6. Working harder and being more committed.  Every person associated with our company has committed to work as hard as possible to assure quality, timeliness, and performance.  Every member of our team is dedicated to our clients' success.  We believe that our success depends on your success.

American Green Lights focuses on these key factors to assure a successful project:

American Green Lights