----Retrofit at a fraction of the cost of new NSF certified fixtures and specialized installation

----144 Watts LED compared to 480 Watts Metal Halide

----Custom Kit only requires minutes of installation

----95 CRI full spectrum of LEDs improves color accuracy for better quality control

----Instant-on / Instant-restrike eliminates downtime and increased productivity

----100,000+ hour lifetime eliminates 80%-90% of maintenance costs

----Improved efficacy increases delivered light levels by 75%

Case Study: 

Tyson Foods Discovery Center

Downers Grove, IL

Versafit Custom LED Retrofit

Convert 480 Watt Metal Halide to 144 Watts LED

American Green Lights was awarded
the 2017 ies Illumination Merit Award by the
​Illuminating Engineering Society for this project


580% increase in per-watt performance

--- Increase foot candles by 75%

--- Decrease electricity consumption by 70%.

Problem with Original Metal Halide Fixtures:

Solution: 144 Watt Versafit Custom Retrofit Kit

​----High electricity consumption: 480 Watts
24/7 operation means high electricity costs

----Fast Lumen Degradation of Metal Halide ~ high maintenance cost

----Lumen Degradation causes work stoppage

----Requirement for National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certification requires high cost replacements

----Long Re-strike time of Metal Halide shuts down production when power surges or thunderstorms cause momentary power outages, causing thousands of dollars of down-time per occurrence.

---Color shift and low color rendering of Metal Halide hampers quality control efforts in food production environment

----Buzzing of ballasts creates elevated noise levels and unpleasant working environment.